Shelving Styles To Try Using COL Wood

Shelving Styles To Try Using COL Wood

Say it with shelving! Shelving is not only a functional way to make use of your wall space – it’s a great way to beautify it too. Thoughtfully placed shelves can add height, dimension, colour, texture, even warmth to a room, regardless of its size or layout.

There are so many shelving styles to choose from. Take a look at six of our favourites that we unpack below, all inspired by COL wood. Not only are they stylish and simple, they are also an ideal solution to spruce up your living space when your budget is tight.

4 Shelving Styles to Enhance Your Space Using COL Products

1. Floating Shelves

There’s a reason why floating shelves are so popular right now. They are probably the most versatile out of all your shelving options. You can apply this style to just about any space, big or small. Short, staggered, single, structured… your layout options are endless.

Floating shelves offer a simple solution in bringing the best of form and function to your home. People are even forgoing their kitchen cabinetry in favour of open shelving to display their decor, appliances, crockery, and cookware. The only downside is that you’ll be cleaning your displayed items more often, but it’s worth it just to be able to walk into a beautifully enhanced space every day.

2. Custom Shelving

A modular shelving system is ideal if you want to create a truly unique shelving display for your home. No two spaces are the same, so a customisable shelving system is the perfect solution for your unique shelving needs.

COL’ Expand-A-Shelf range is versatile, flexible, easy to assemble and available in a variety of lengths and widths to suit your needs. The sturdy uprights are manufactured from quality raw pine wood, and the components are pre-drilled with screws included – all you need is a screwdriver!

3. Geometric Shelves

Simple, horizontal shelving is great, but sometimes a room calls for something a little more interesting. Why not change things up with geometric shelving? DIY extraordinaire, Elle Franco, recently created these stunning hexagon-shaped shelves using COL pine wood. Not only do they make a unique focal point, but they also give a room a lovely sense of modern structure. Geometric shelves are ideal to frame simple displays of small plants, figurines, even photo frames.

4. Multipurpose Pine Panels

As you can see from the image above, creating a gorgeous and functional shelving display for multiple purposes is so simple when you have the right materials. This kind of layout creates space for plenty of different uses, all while maintaining an open look without the clutter. All you need are some metal frames, COL Timber pine panels in your desired dimensions, a drill and some screws. Who knew that something so lovely could be so easy and affordable to create?

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