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Expand-A-Shelf is a DIY modular shelving system that allows you to create your own storage or display solution. It’s a versatile, flexible, easy-to-assemble solution and is available in a variety of lengths and widths to suit your needs.

Sturdy uprights are constructed of quality raw pine. Components are pre-drilled and screws are supplied – all you need is a screwdriver. Assembly instructions are included with your purchase.

Expand-A-Shelf Specifications
Shelves (length x width)Upright Heights
600mm x 255mm450mm (holding 2 shelves)
900mm x 255mm840mm (holding 3 shelves)
600mm x 340mm1200mm (holding 4 shelves)
900mm x 340mm1500mm (holding 5 shelves)
900mm x 340mm1800mm (holding 6 shelves)
NEW: Value Pack450 (H) x 400 (W) - 2 shelves
NEW: Value Pack450 (H) x 1200 (W) - 3 shelves
NEW: Value Pack1200 (H) x 600 (W) - 4 shelves
NEW: Value Pack1800 (H) x 900 (W) - 4 shelves

How to erect an Expand-A-Shelf

Please select the image below to reveal the text instructions.


Place back uprights flat on the floor. Space according to shelf widths. Ensure the ends marked ‘bottom’ are aligned


Working from left to right, fit shelves into grooves in the uprights. Remember that centre uprights form a common rest for two shelves.


Fit the front uprights onto the shelves. Ensure that all shelves and uprights are correctly aligned before securing through pilot holes with screws provided.


When all screws have been secured on one side, turn unit over and repeat the procedure on the other side. Stand unit upright and admire your handiwork!