Finishes, Planed-All-Round Timber, Awnings as well as various Pine Manufactured products such as shelving, workbenches, trestle tables and picket fences. COL is amongst the most stable on the market. The secret to quality and durable timber is in the drying. COL kiln-dries timber to an optimal moisture content, which keeps the wood in perfect balance with atmospheric conditions, thereby stabilising the timber and minimising natural movement.

COL products are laminated with a waterproof adhesive to improve the strength and stability of the timber, while finger joints allow for longer lengths of clear timber and help to minimise lateral movement. This process ensures that our timber retains its natural beauty for years to come, allowing for the perfect product for the DIY enthusiast and contractor wanting to finish off their projects with exceptional quality products

Sustainable resource

Timber is a sustainable and renewable resource. The more wood we use, the more forests we grow. Not only does wood bring warmth into your home, it’s also the best choice for the environment.


Our pine is sourced from local plantations that are FSC®-certified. FSC® certification ensures that products come from well managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. This aligns the vision of saving the world’s forests for future generations – Forests For All Forever®


Our hardwood is sourced from sawmills internationally, where governments in these regions have implemented strict sustainability policies and compulsory harvesting programmes. These policies protect the environment and forest ecosystems as well as the interests of local communities.