Our Favourite DIY Projects by Elle

If you’re a DIY lover, then you are bound to have heard of local DIY guru, Elle Franco – otherwise known as @diywithelle on social media.

Elle has partnered with us for several years (since 2015 actually), where she has outdone herself in bringing our beautiful range of products to life with a flourish and a flair. She makes DIY accessible and easy thanks to her handy advice, helpful tutorials and patient, step-by-step approach. Even if you’ve never held a drill before, Elle’s got you covered.

Elle is always working on something new for budding DIYers to try their hand at, so we thought we would take a look back at some of her best projects to inspire you for the year ahead.

Here are some of our favourite projects she’s worked on (so far)

1. DIY Wooden Vase Holder

This wooden vase holder is small, simple and great for DIYers starting out. It makes a lovely display for flowers, foliage or sprigs of herbs. Decorative and functional, this vase holder will suit any style of kitchen or living area – and it makes a gorgeous gift too!

We supplied beautiful COL pine wood for this fantastic project.

Watch the full tutorial here.

2. DIY Hexagon Shelves

If you’re looking for something truly unique and interesting to add to your living space, look no further than these super trendy hexagon shelves. Geometric shapes always give a room a lovely sense of modern structure. These shelves are ideal to frame a simple display of plants, figurines, even photo frames. We were so pleased to see how Elle turned humble strips of wood into these beautiful, versatile shelves.

We supplied COL pine wood for this project.

Watch the full tutorial here

3. DIY Laptop Tray / Stand Table

This project is one of our absolute favourites, not just for its simplicity but for its versatility and convenience. Anyone who works from home understands the need to be mobile around the house when using their laptop. This laptop tray also doubles as a handy stand table that can be used when side tables aren’t available or when space is tight. You can either leave it beautifully sanded as is, or add a touch or varnish or paint to suit your colour scheme.

Watch the full tutorial here.

Start Your DIY Journey With Elle and COL

If, like us, you are inspired to get your creative juices flowing with some simple DIY projects, why not start now? You’ve already got a great teacher thanks to Elle’s step-by-step videos, so all you need now are the right materials. Col’s range of premium, locally-sourced timber is ideal for all your DIY needs. Strong, stable, and of superb quality, COL pine and hardwood products should be in every DIYer’s toolkit.

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