Summit: ceiling and insulation solutions under one roof


The name Summit is derived from the Latin word for “highest part”. This couldn’t be more apt, as Summit’s insulation ceiling products and solutions are of the highest quality. As a proud member of the Swartland family, the Summit range is made from quality materials to ensure long-lasting performance, peace of mind and value for money.

And our family is growing: our insulation factory is in its final stages of construction, and should be completed by mid-March, ushering in a new, exciting era for the Swartland group.

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As part of our expansion, we’re excited to introduce Summit XPS Insulation: a rigid (100% closed cell) extruded polystyrene board with excellent thermal insulation properties. Summit XPS board is manufactured using a fully automated extrusion process with zero ozone depletion potential, and is suitable for a variety of thermal applications, including ceiling insulation, cavity-wall insulation and under-floor insulation.

The advantages of using Summit XPS Insulation board in your home or commercial project include: excellent thermal performance, ease of handling due to its lightweight nature, ease of installation, environmental friendliness, a range of thicknesses and lengths and versatility of uses.

In addition to Summit XPS, the Summit range includes Knauf ceiling insulation rolls, ceiling trapdoors and polystyrene cornices.

Summit XPS
Summit XPS

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