Why KENZO Aluminium Is The Way To Go

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Aluminium has a reputation as one of the most versatile, sought-after materials for windows and doors. As much as timber offers a beautiful aesthetic and appeal, it is a high maintenance material that can be costly to install and care for.

Aluminium comes with a variety of benefits that homeowners throughout South Africa have come to expect and enjoy. When it comes to choosing top-of-the-range aluminium windows and doors, there’s only one name that stands out among the rest: KENZO.

Aluminium Doors from South Africa

Why choose KENZO Aluminium Windows and Doors?

1. Premium Quality

Made to the same superior standards as our hardwood windows and doors, the KENZO aluminium range not only offers homeowners greater choice, but also Swartland’s renowned manufacturing excellence, lasting quality and great value.

2. Durability

KENZO aluminium is highly durable, easy to install, and able to withstand intense heat, high winds and harsh conditions. This kind of durability and longevity means that you can enjoy their many benefits for decades. KENZO windows and doors are made of strong, lightweight aluminium-alloy frames.

3. Low Maintenance

Aluminium frames are low maintenance and easy to maintain. Requiring only occasional light cleaning with warm, soapy water, KENZO windows and doors don’t require any paint, varnish or treatments. They’re also corrosion- and rust-resistant and fully dust-proof. Once they’re installed they’re ready to go.

4. Variety

KENZO offers a wide range of door types, styles and sizes to meet your needs. This beautiful, modern range is readily available at all leading hardware retailers.

  • KENZO windows are available in STANDARD 30,5mm casement sections or SUPERIOR 38mm sections – either double- or single-glazed.
  • KENZO doors are available in SUPERIOR (60mm stile) or STANDARD range (28mm stile).

5. Versatility

Ideal for commercial or residential applications, KENZO aluminium frames allow ventilation and unrestricted airflow even during rainy weather. Aluminium doors are also well-suited to a variety of interior design styles. They bring a clean, modern look that frames and complements a living space without taking away from the overall design.

6. Eco-Friendliness and Energy Efficiency

Aluminium doors are an excellent choice if you are concerned about the energy efficiency of your home. Installed correctly, KENZO windows and doors will provide good insulation, help save energy, and reduce your electricity bill. Aluminium also has a low carbon footprint and is fully recyclable

7. Lifetime Guarantee

Thanks to their top quality surface treatments and their SANS 613 certification and compliance, KENZO aluminium windows and doors are designed to last for decades, and have a lifetime guarantee.

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If you are making plans to build or are thinking of renovating, you cannot go wrong choosing KENZO aluminium windows and doors. Swartland offers a wide selection of top-of-the-range aluminium windows and doors. They are widely available for any size project, anywhere in South Africa – on time, every time.

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