Ready-2-Fit Doors & Windows: the Best Choice for Homeowners

The versatility of wood never ceases to amaze. A wooden window frame can bring warmth and romance to an all-white lounge, while a teak door fitted with brass or copper features can create an industrial edge to your decor. Choosing wooden doors and frames in your home is a perfect choice, as they provide a foundation for any style or aesthetic.

Don’t just choose pretty wood though – the Ready-2-Fit range by Swartland is easy to install, environmentally friendly, and low maintenance.

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What is Ready-2-Fit?
The Ready-2-Fit range is Swartland’s collection of pre-sealed, pre-glazed wooden windows and doors. They are sealed with German-engineered, water-based Maxicare for minimum maintenance and long-lasting beauty. Compliant with building regulations, these products are sealed and glazed in the factory during manufacture. The product is then thoroughly wrapped in protective, two-stage packaging before being transported to the site, ready for immediate installation. This saves time, money, and preserves the quality.


Low maintenance
As we said above, these doors and windows are ready to install instantly. The doors are pre-hung in their frames and fitted with hinges, bolts and locks, making installation an easy breeze.

Because we use Maxicare sealant, your windows and doors only require low maintenance every six months or so (with the change of wet and dry seasons). All you really need to do is wash and wipe them down, and voilà! – beauty without the work.

The sealant is UV- and water-resistant, non-flammable, lead-free, and has anti-fungal protection (we thought of everything!). With the correct care, your windows and doors will withstand years of wear and tear from the effects of extreme temperatures, humidity, rain, and sunlight.

Available in various sizes and colours



The Ready-2-Fit range is available in various colours to suit any decor style. Choose from Teak, Imbuia, Light Oak, White, Bali Deep, Dusted Moss, Sombrero and Ivory Parchment to make your home your own!

Environmentally friendly
As one of South Africa’s largest building materials manufacturers, it’s our responsibility to minimise any negative environmental impact. With the correct management, wood can be a renewable resource, which is why we source raw timber from responsibly managed forests, where the harvest is strictly controlled.

Even the sealant we use is environmentally safe; Maxicare produces low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions. By choosing Ready-2-Fit, you can be secure in the knowledge that future generations will have the same options as well.

Ready-2-Fit Features:

  1. Espagnolette Lock: Multiple locking mechanisms enhances security and ensure a snug, draft-free fit.
  2.  Thumb-Release Handle: Stainless steel, available in a chrome finish.
  3. Double Glazing: 20mm double-glazing pack consists of a 4mm clear glass on both sides and 12mm spacer.
  4. Composite Gaskets: This forms an air-lock between frame and casement, which improves insulation.
  5. Thicker Wood Sections: Improves the thermal and security properties of the window.
  6. 5-bar Friction Hinge: Specifically designed to handle the extra glass and thicker frame.

With Swartland’s Ready-2-Fit windows and doors, you can spend less time and money on building your house, and more on making it a home. If you’d like to use these products for your next project, get in touch with us here.