Picket Fences

Swartland Col

Nothing says “home sweet home” like a picket fence. These well-made pine fences come ready to assemble in six different heights.  Available either CCA-treated or untreated. Gates of the same height are also available.

Pine Picket Fence Specifications
CodeDescriptionSize (mm)
TP1800X450PFPine Picket Fence1800 X 450
TP1800X600PFPine Picket Fence1800 X 600
TP1800X900PFPine Picket Fence1800 X 900
TP1800X1200PFPine Picket Fence1800 X 1200
TP1800X1500PFPine Picket Fence1800 X 1500
TP1800X1800PFPine Picket Fence1800 X 1800
Pine Picket Fence Specifications
CodeDescriptionSize (mm)
TP900X900PGPine Picket Gate900 X 900
TP900X1200PGPine Picket Gate900 X 1200
TP900X1500PGPine Picket Gate900 X 1500
TP900X1800PGPine Picket Gate900 X 1800