Meet the DIY ladies of Col!

This Women’s month, we’d love to introduce you to the ladies behind the drill. Our COL Timber’s DIY influencers are creative minds that take our gorgeous products and turn them into masterpieces that inspire you to do the same in your home. 

People know us for our quality – COL is amongst the most stable on the market. The secret to quality and durable timber is in the drying. What makes our product any DIYers dream to work with, is the way we produce it. COL kiln-dries timber to an optimal moisture content, which keeps the wood in perfect balance with atmospheric conditions, thereby stabilising the timber and minimising natural movement – in other words – it’s high-quality and it lasts! 

Our process ensures that our timber retains its natural beauty for years to come, allowing for the perfect product for the DIY enthusiast and contractor wanting to finish off their projects with exceptional quality products. We’ve partnered with these ladies to give you a glimpse of what you can do yourself with the yellow one. 

👋Meet Elle: @DIYwithElle

DIY Elle

Elle relocated to Somerset West where she enjoys life with her husband exploring the Cape while trying as many new restaurants as possible. She’s bubbly and adventurous and tackles any DIY project with ease! Elle has been showing the ropes on DIY since 2015 and shares easy, detailed step-by-step content that anyone can follow. 

Some of our favourite projects Elle has done include:

  1. DIY wooden slat wall
  2. Home office renovation
  3. DIY Circle display shelf

Elle shares loads of fun content on social media, but you can watch some of her full DIY tutorials here.

👋Meet Ndandu: @justamomwithadrill

DIY Women


She definitely is a mom with a drill, but also so much more than that! Ndandu has an eye for design and a love for DIY and it clearly shows up in her projects. She’s located in the Eastern Cape where she lives with her family. Ndandu has a passion to show you how you can create the home of your dreams on a budget, and when we look at what she’s done in her own space, we feel very inspired!  

Some of our favourite projects @justamomwithadrill has done include: 

  1. DIY headboard
  2. Home office
  3. DIY clothing rack

👋Meet Rae: @absolutelyrae_

DIY Women

If you have met @absolutelyrae_ in person, you’ll know that she is “absolutely” a ray of blue sunshine! Rae is a mommy blogger with a love for DIY, dirty chai, and as you can see from her profile, all things blue!

Some of our favourite projects Rae has done include: 

  1. DIY wooden bed
  2. COL floating shelves
  3. Asher’s stove

You don’t need to renovate your entire home for a style update, our ready-to-assemble range makes it easy for anyone to tackle their own projects and customise their design without breaking the bank. Tackle your home one DIY project at a time. If you’re looking for more inspiration, right this way!