Small Ways to Make Big Style Updates to Your Home

Raise your hand if you have a home inspo board on Pinterest full of DIY projects that you never get to. Guilty? We don’t blame you – it’s difficult to manage a job, kids, housework, and a social calendar as is. There’s not much time (or energy) leftover for a full home makeover.

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Easy home DIYs
Thankfully, there are small updates you can slowly make to your home that will have a huge impact. Keep reading for more!

Front impressions count
Make a lasting first impression and instantly increase your curb appeal with a refurbished front door. If your door has had its day, consider replacing it with a more modern option, like aluminium and glass. John Lamb, Category Manager for Kenzo at Swartland says, “A good-looking front door is essential for the first impression of your home. It speaks volumes about what lies beyond, so it’s important to select one that compliments your home’s architectural and interior style.”

If a brand new door is currently out of your budget, a fresh coat of paint on your front door is a great alternative.


Colour us impressed
Speaking of, fresh paint is one of the quickest ways to refresh your interior – you don’t even have to paint the whole house! Choose a room (the lounge, perhaps) and paint a single wall a different colour to create an accent wall. This is such a quick and easy way to add depth and style to any room.

If you’re renting, consider wallpaper! There are non-permanent wallpapers that peel straight off when you want to remove it – no mess, no fuss. With hundreds of options in terms of colour and design, you can really have fun decorating and making your house your own.

Light up your life
Proper lighting truly brings life into your home. A poorly lit room appears small and cramped, while a brightly lit room is larger and more welcoming. This may be as easy as adding a floor or table lamp here and there or changing your outdated ceiling fixtures.

You can also use lighting to influence the atmosphere of a room. Candles, fairy lights, and lanterns as the only source of light can create a beautifully soft ambience, whereas LED lights and coloured bulbs can electrify your space.

Capitalise on cabinetry
Nothing dates your kitchen quite like old and worn handles and knobs. Replacing the handles is a super quick way to spruce up your kitchen, and there are enough options available to suit any style: shiny stainless, brushed nickel, painted wood – the list goes on!

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to update your kitchen further, consider replacing your countertop with laminated pine tops. These are easy to maintain and are right on trend with the current focus on natural elements in the home

With all the trimmings
We’re all about making small changes for maximum impact, which is why refreshing your trimming is such an effective way to liven up your decor. Don’t stop there though: take a look at other features and fixtures, and consider black as your accent colour.

According to Autumn Stankovsky, interior designer at Floor360, the colour to watch for home accents in 2022 is black. “We’ll see black window frames, trim, doors, cabinet hardware, faucets, and door frames,” she says. Black is very modern-looking and can match other colours, making it an easy choice.

These DIY improvements are so quick and easy, you could do them in a weekend! For more home tips, check out our inspiration ideas.