In the spirit of Ubuntu

The belief in a universal bond of sharing, that connects all of humanity; Ubuntu.

The impact of lockdown has been devastating on us all, but most of all on the most vulnerable in our communities. In the wonderful spirit of South African Ubuntu, business and individuals have been coming together to help ease one of these hardships, which is most probably one of the worst; hunger.

The Swartland noticed the urgency of becoming involved with the feeding schemes in the Atlantis and Moorreesburg areas. These Soup Kitchens have come under immense pressure since the breakout of Covid19, as the breadwinners of families become unemployed.

In the past week alone we have contributed to the hand out of 5070 parcels across the various Soup Kitchens. While some offer one big meal a day, others offer a small lunch to the children and a dry/raw food parcel in the late afternoons for families to collect and cook at home. Young and old queue for these meals twice a week, sometimes three times a week if they are lucky. With some families having to wait days for a proper meal, these initiatives play such a vital role in ensuring that our communities are looked after.

helping our community

Currently, we are involved with the following feeding schemes:

  • Mamre Moravian
  • Ubunto
  • Shades Foundation
  • Pella Soupkitchen
  • Tannie se Sopkombuis
  • Saamwerk
  • HIV Aids Network
  • Albatros
  • Rock Vijura
  • Alice Soup Kitchen
  • Smiles Soup Kitchen
  • Witsand Soup Kitchen
  • Atlantis First Baptist
  • Sinethemba CDC
  • Georgina’s Kitchen
  • Sarah Sopkombuis
  • Youth Rehabilitation
  • Moorreesburg Sopkombuis


We agree that providing food parcels is not a long-term solution, however, is a very necessary response to alleviate the suffering currently being experienced in our communities due to Covid-19. A big thank you to all of the bakeries, butcheries, farmers and business for each and every donation. We would like to encourage individuals and businesses to help contribute to this cause if they can.

swartland team distributing food

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