Hydro Doors: Swartland’s latest acquisition

Leading supplier to the building industry, Swartland, recently acquired Hydro Doors as part of its subsidiary company, Specialised Building Supplies (SBS). Hydro Doors is a company that manufactures and supplies high-end garage doors and garage door automation. We speak to Mike van Arkel from SBS about this new acquisition.

Swartland’s story began in 1951, and it became well known as a leading manufacturer and supplier of timber windows and doors. It remains a family-owned business today, and it has grown into a formidable supplier to the building industry, supplying many more products other than timber doors and fenestration. It now offers aluminium windows and doors, timber cornices and mouldings, par timber, XPS insulation board and cornices, eco-friendly Knauf insulation, trap doors, awnings, and now, garage doors and garage door automation.

Specialised Building Supplies, or more commonly known as SBS, is a subsidiary of Swartland, says Mike van Arkel from SBS: “SBS is the latest addition to Swartland’s offering, and it is involved in supplying Hydro garage doors and Digi automation.

“Hydro garage doors and Digi automation have been synonymous with reliability, security, attention to detail and superior finishes since 1983. Hydro is the only end-to-end garage door manufacturer in South Africa with a national footprint that specialises in doors, automation and spares to suit. This means SBS can offer a full range of quality products to retailer and through our SBS branches nationwide, supported by comprehensive after-sales service and spares. Hydro garage doors and Digi automation have been used everywhere, from factories to fire stations, luxury homes and affordable housing.”

Mike notes that Hydro garage doors are a premium product, and offer top-end inner workings, such as double-throw locks, long-life counterbalance springs for example, and they comprise best-in-market quality and durability. They are available in Rustic Bark, Snow White, Chalk and Charcoal, and they can also be painted to match your specific requirements. The powder-coated finish requires virtually no maintenance and is easy to clean – offering long-lasting and durable good looks.

Hydro garage doors offer sectional and roll-up garage doors:

Sectional garage doors: Hydro’s steel sectional doors have been described as “over-engineered” and ‘the Rolls-Royce of garage doors” – but never cheap or inferior. The value for money you get is unmatched – with features like true anti-pinch hinging, quality hardware and long service life counter-balance springs.

Roll-up garage doors: Strong and secure, Hydro roll-up doors provide compact and attractive solutions, especially in smaller spaces. Hydro steel Roll-Up doors are stronger, more durable and have a superior design to other roll-up garage doors on the market. Made from 0.4mm Aluzinc for superior corrosion resistance, our doors include a unique “roll-over lip” built into the tracking that makes them significantly stronger in heavy wind and prevents intruders from forcing the door open, which can quite easily be done with cheaper doors. The lock is also far stronger – a high quality, double-throw unit fitted with a 10mm round steel tube instead of the thin flat bar commonly used on lower cost doors. Our doors are also fully encased when closed, making them more attractive but more importantly longer-lasting, more reliable and more resistant to ‘coning’. They install easily making them the go to DIY choice.

Garage door automation

Automating your garage door is an essential consideration, from both a convenience and security perspective, and Mike says that Digi automation is quick, easy and affordable: “At SBS, we pride ourselves on many years in the garage door automation field with proven technology, as well as long term spares availability for our products assisted by our large distribution footprint. Digi-One for example, features a powerful 1,000Nm lifting capacity, which is a very reliable and affordable automation system is ideal for all types of sectional garage doors. It is supplied standard with 2 *Digi-E-key transmitters (with secure Keeloq® technology), as well as electronic obstacle sensing Optional battery backup, which allows for trouble-free operation during power failures.”

For more information, please visit www.hydrodoors.co.za