Get Your Home Weather-Ready With Swartland’s Top Products

No matter where you reside in the Rainbow Nation, you are bound to have experienced some of South Africa’s more intense conditions on its weather spectrum.

From the blazing heat of the Karoo to the howling gales of the Cape, the electrifying storms of the lowveld to the icy chill of the inland mountain regions, each corner of the country faces certain weather challenges throughout the year.

Unique weather conditions require unique weatherproofing products to ensure that your home is protected, secured, insulated and temperature-controlled. Come rain or shine, there is a Swartland product that will see your home standing strong through every season.

These top Swartland products will help your home endure all types of weather conditions

Aluminium Windows and Doors

There are many reasons why architects, builders and contractors opt for aluminium doors and window frames for their construction projects, and it’s not just because they look aesthetically impressive. They offer your property significant weatherproofing benefits. Aluminium window and doors:

  • Can withstand intense heat, high winds and harsh conditions
  • Are corrosion- and rust-resistant
  • Are extremely strong and durable
  • Are fully dust-proof
  • Are designed to last for decades

XPS Insulation Boards

Summit XPS Insulation Boards (or SummitBoards) are the smart choice for home insulation in every season. They help maintain a stable and comfortable temperature indoors, no matter what kind of weather lies outdoors. However, it is important to note that different climatic regions will require different insulation interventions to achieve consistent levels of comfort, so be sure to discuss this with your contractor.

Knauf Insulation

Knauf Insulation is another excellent choice for your home insulation needs, particularly if you have ongoing concerns regarding cold, damp weather, heavy rains or flooding in your region. Ideal for walls and ceilings, Knauf Insulation isn’t just an excellent insulation product, but is designed to withstand the damages typically caused by rot, fungi or mould. Installing Knauf Insulation will give you peace of mind all year round.

COL Awnings

Awnings are a must-have feature in homes that experience intense sun exposure.

COL Awnings have been specifically designed to protect your patios, doors and windows from direct heat and sun exposure. They offer your property up to 99% UV protection while still allowing natural light to pass through into your living space. COL Awnings are:

  • Durable
  • Weatherproof
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to assemble
  • Simple to install

Hydro Garage Doors

Strong, seasonal winds can wreak havoc on properties that aren’t prepared or protected. If you live in a high-wind or stormy area, keeping your garage secure in intense weather conditions is essential. Hydro garage doors have a unique design that makes them more secure than other garage doors on the market, and significantly stronger in the face of heavy winds. They are durable, fully encased when closed, and can be easily automated if need be,

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Regardless of where you reside, making your home weather-ready is easy thanks to Swartland’s wide range of weatherproofing, weather-resistant products. Visit our website for more information or contact us to chat about your weatherproofing requirements.