Door Trends to Uplevel Your Home

Wooden Doors


Whether you’re building your dream home or looking to renovate, an upgraded door might just do the trick. Doors are more than just entryways into rooms, they are statement pieces and can make or break the overall interior of your home.  

A common unspoken rule in the fashion world is that your shoes can completely spoil a perfectly good ensemble; the same applies to choosing the right door for your home. Let’s explore how you can take the entire look and feel of your home to the next level by choosing the right door for your home! 

Modern and Open: Aluminium Doors

Let the light in with aluminium! Not only is this a timeless and practical choice, but the perfect way to either take an outdated space and make it more modern, or tie your entire project together. One of our favourite things about this trend is the fact that you can let the outdoors in with an open, sleek look and feel. If you have a garden, stunning view, or just want to make a space feel bigger – this is the perfect option! 

Made to the same superior standards as our hardwood windows and doors, this exciting range not only offers homeowners more options, but also guarantees Swartland’s renowned manufacturing excellence, lasting quality, and great value.
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KENZO offers a wide range of door types, styles and sizes to meet your needs. This exquisitely made range is readily available through all leading hardware retailers. Selected products are SANS 613 compliant, you can view them here

Why Aluminium? 

Improved collaboration and communication between Summit and our clients come with a variety of benefits:

  1. Quality: Though being considered one of the “softer” metals, aluminium is a strong and durable material. Unlike many other metals, aluminium does not weaken when the temperature drops, making it a smart choice for exterior doors.
  2. Upkeep: While aluminium doors are resistant to corrosion and wear upon finishing, additional repairs are often needed, as with any part of your home. Small scratches and marks can be touched up easily and inexpensively on an aluminium door. 
  3. Durability: Aluminium is known for its weather-resistant qualities. It does not rot or rust and also is resistant to UV rays, which makes it a perfect choice for a home by the coast!
  4. Sleek look and feel: Due to its strength in material, it does not require a lot of support from the frame. This means that the frame designed for doors is designed in a thin and sleek way giving you that minimalist look you’re after! 

Classic and Romantic: Wooden doors

Wood is extremely versatile and can be used in so many styles. Our wooden doors are available in three different ranges, offering pivot, patio, sliding, Fold-a-Side, back, entrance and front doors. We kiln-dry all our timber to ensure long-lasting beauty, and all our products are backed by our nationwide after-sales service. 

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Why Wood?

  1. Environmentally friendly: Besides the fact that these doors are a stunning choice, they are also the right one when it comes to caring for the environment. All of our timber at Swartland is ethically sourced and we ensure that you can renovate your home with a clean conscience.
  2. Style: If it’s not reason enough, wood is a stunning style-addition to your home! Wood can instantly warm up a space – this classic look will never go out of fashion. When renovating a space, it’s best to avoid trends that might only last for a season. 
  3. Versatility: Wooden doors can be used for both internal and exterior doors, which makes it the perfect choice for homes looking to keep their interior design consistent with their exterior. Their finish can be altered as you wish, and if maintained correctly, can outlast most other types of doors. Wood can be modern or it can be classic – the choice is completely up to you. 

Whatever style you choose, ensure that your choice is made with the future in mind. Quality is vital when it comes to upkeep. Swartland offers a wide range of superior quality doors and windows for you to choose from, view them here