Storage Bench

time, materials and tools

Power Drill
Orbital Sander with 100 Grit sand paper disc
Circular saw for cutting the wood or make use of Home Improvement store cutting services
2 x Multipurpose Pine Panels 19mm x 380mm x 1200mm (use entire length, base and top)
1 x Multipurpose Pine Panel 19mm x 380mm x 1800mm (cut into dividers)
3 x collapsible storage boxes (31cm x 31cm x 31cm) You may customise this project to other storage containers.
6 x short metal furniture legs
Clear sealer for interior use
Foam cushion 1 x 50mm x 380mm x 1200mm
Spreader Clamps
Wood glue
24 x Medium Wood screws 4.0 x 35mm and matching driver bit
16 x Short wood screws and Driver bit
3mm or 4mm wood drill bit
Pencil and Tape measure
Speed Square
PREP WORK befor your start making your Storage Bench
Cutting list:
2 x Multipurpose Pine Panels 19mm x 380mm x 1200mm (use entire length, base and top)
Cut 1 x Multipurpose Pine Panel 19mm x 380mm x 1800mm cut into dividers:
4 x 19mm x 380 mm x 320mm
Safety Gear:
Safety glasses
Dust mask
How to build your DIY Storage Bench
Step 1
Lightly Sand all the multipurpose pine panels until surfaces are smooth.
Step 2 :
Position and Mark
Place the 1 x Multipurpose Pine Panels 19mm x 380mm x 1200mm as the base or the storage bench, and the other as the top set aside for now. Place the cut dividers on top of the base, the two end dividers on the inner edge of the base and the other 2 equally paced out to accommodate the storage box sizes, in this project this works out to a divider being placed 38cm from the edge divider panels (19mm x 380mm x 320mm).
Step 2 :
Drill pilot holes
Insert the wood drill bit into the power drill and drill 3 evenly spaced pilot holes in each of the four marked guide lines.Take a pencil and mark out the edge dividers drill guide lines and the two inner dividers guide lines, using a speed square to make sure edges and lines are 90 degrees and straight.
Step 4
Secure and attach
Apply wood glue to the wood joins and make use of spreader clamps to hold the wood dividers into position as you use the power drill inserted with driver bit to drive in the wood screws into each pilot hole.Mark out guide lines the same way for the top panel piece, making sure the dividers line up with those markings and drill evenly spaced pilot holes in the same fashion as the base.Adhere the top to the storage bench using wood glue, clamps and driving in wood screws.There is no need to cover screw heads with wood filler at they will not be seen at the bottom of the storage bench, nor will they be seen when covered with a foam cushion on top.
Step 5
Add the legs
Decide on which side is the bottom of your storage bench and then place 4 of the 6 metal storage legs in each corner and then the other two in the middle of the storage unit, one at the front and one at the back for extra stability. Use short wood screws no longer than 19mm in length and attached the metal furniture legs to your storage bench.
Step 6
Optional painting
To make your project last longer, add a coat or two of a clear sealer for interior use, or paint and decorate the storage unit to best suit your interior design taste.Add the storage boxes in the paces and place in a space in your house and enjoy your DIY extra storage solution, ideal for kid’s rooms, bedrooms or anywhere in the home!