Side Table

DIY Side table

time, materials and tools

Orbital sander with 120 grit sandpaper disc
Measuring tape
Paintbrush and mini sponge roller
Rotary cutter/blade or box knife cutting tool
Metal ruler and pencil
Cutting mat
COL Timber Raw Pine Timber Side Tables (45mm x 45mm x 45mm)
Cork tiles
Wood stain and black PVA paint
Drop sheet
Contact glue
Clear sealer spray paint or paint tin
PREP WORK befor your start making your Side Table
How to build your DIY Side Table
Step 1
DIY Side table
Lightly sand down the surfaces and individual parts of the side table, and wipe off excess sawdust. For best results, it is recommended that the individual parts of the side table are painted prior to final assembly.
Step 2 :
DIY Side table
Paint and Stain
Lay out your side table on a drop sheet. For this project, a natural wood stain was applied to all the parts using a paintbrush, except the edge of the tabletop and edges of shelf. (The apron of the side table was left unpainted as that is where cork tiles will be placed.) A black PVA paint was applied to the side edges of the tabletop and shelf with a mini roller, creating a crisp and contrasting finish. Apply two coats and allow to dry fully between coats. As an optional step, a clear sealer can be applied.
Step 3 :
DIY Side table
Measure and cut cork tiles
Using a tape measure/metal ruler and pencil, measure the width of the apron (6.5cm). Transfer the measurement to the cork tiles and draw a straight line using a metal ruler. Use a rotary cutter or box knife cutting tool to cut the soft cork tile. Also measure the length of the side apron, then cut the cork tiles accordingly to fill in the sides of the apron.
Step 4
DIY Side table
Glue and clamp
Once the cork tiles are cut to size to fit along the apron of the side table, apply contact glue to the back of the cork tile and place in position, corner to corner. Clamp in place to ensure constant contact during the glue curing and drying time. The COL side table is finished and decorated to highlight modern, trendy contrasting finishes and textures. COL side tables can be used in a bedroom on either side of the bed, or as end tables next to seating. Optional concealed storage: A small basket or box can be placed on the side table shelf for a covered storage solution.