Room Divider

DIY Room divider

time, materials and tools

Saw of your choice: mitre saw, circular saw, jigsaw or handsaw
Orbital sander with 100 grit sandpaper discs
Power drill
Tape measure and pencil
4mm wood drill bit
Medium spreader clamps
Speed square
TP 22mm x 44mm x 2.4m PAR
Stain, clear sealer and paintbrush
Wood glue
Wood filler and scraper
+/– 48 x 5mm x 60mm wood screws
Scrap wood spacer +/– 100mm in width
PREP WORK befor your start making your Room Divider
How to build your DIY Room Divider
Step 1
DIY Room divider
Measure space
Determine the width and height of your room divider, and mark the measurements on your pine slats. This project is 1.7m wide and 2.35m high, to fit the space.
Step 2 :
DIY Room divider
Using a handsaw or a power tool such as a jigsaw, circular saw or mitre saw, cut each pine bar and slat to size, according to the markings.
Step 3 :
DIY Room divider
Roughly sand down the wood pieces until the edges and surfaces are smooth, then wipe off excess sawdust. The project can be sanded again once assembled for the perfect finish.
Step 4
DIY Room divider
Measure, mark, place and drill.
Measure and mark the positioning of the slats on the room divider’s top and bottom bars. The slat placement on the top bar will be identical to the bottom bar. The marks also act as guide lines for drilling the pilot holes. Drill two pilot holes next to each other for each slat, then use a countersink drill bit on each of the drilled pilot holes to “sink” the screw head into the wood surface.
Step 5
DIY Room divider
At your work station, secure each pine slat to the base with wood screws, then clamp together and to the work station. Work from one edge to the other. Apply wood glue to each joint, clamp into final position, and drive in two wood screws into the previously made pilot holes. Continue along the length of the base, then do the same at the other ends of the pine slats, on the top bar.Step 6: Wood fill and sand Apply wood filler to hole with an embedded wood screw, and allow to dry. Sand the dried wood filler smooth and sand down overall secured project again.
Step 6
DIY Room divider
Fill and sand.
Apply wood filler to the holes with an embedded wood screws, and allow to dry. Sand the dried filler until smooth, then sand down all other surfaces again.
Step 7
DIY Room divider
Use a wood stain/paint in your choice of colour and decorate the room divider or leave in its natural state applying a clear sealer to all surfaces.