Ledge Shelf

time, materials and tools

Orbital Sander with 100 grit sanding paper disc
Power Drill
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1 x TP 22x 44 x 1.8m (Front)
1 x TP 22x 69 x 1.8m (Base)
1 x TP 22 x 94 x 1.8m (Backing)
Tape measure and pencil
Wood glue
Wood filler and scraper
Medium Wood screws (4.0 x 30 to 35mm in length) and driver bit
8mm wood drill bit
3mm wood drill bit
3 x Hammer in wall plugs (8m x 60mm)
Spreader clamps
Wood stain and paint brush
PREP WORK befor your start making your Ledge Shelf
Cutting list:
Use the entire 1.8m length of pine wood, or you can customise this DIY by cutting the pine wood lengths shorter.
How to build your DIY Ledge Shelf
Step 1
Lightly sand the pine wood surfaces and edges smooth and wipe away the saw dust.
Step 2 :
Position and mark
Position the 1 x TP 22x 44 x 1.8m pine timber as the front of the ledge, the 1 x TP 22x 69 x 1.8m as the base and the 1 x TP 22 x 94 x 1.8m as the backing. Use a pencil to mark the drill guide lines.
Step 3 :
Drill pilot holes
Insert the wood drill bit in the power drill, mark out and drill evenly spaced pilot holes along the length of the guide lines marked on the backing TP 22 x94 x1.8m pine timber and along the guide line on the front pine timber length TP 22 x 44 x 1.8m.
Step 4
Glue and secure
Step 4: Glue and secure Apply wood glue along the length of the guide lines on the backing and front pine timber, secure with clamps and then insert a driver bit and drive in the wood screws to secure, drive in the wood screw enough so the head of the screw slightly embeds beneath the surface of the pine wood, for wood filling.
Step 5
Cover the screw heads
Use wood filler to cover the slightly embedded wood screws so that they are no longer visible, allow the wood filler to dry and then sand smooth. Wipe the surface clean, free from dust.
Step 6
Choose a stain or paint of your choice and paint the entire DIY ledge and allow to dry.
Step 7
Attach to the wall
Insert a matching drill bit to the size of the wall plugs that are going to be used for the wall attachment and drill 3 evenly spaced holes on the backing pine timber. Line those holes up on the wall, making sure the ledge is straight, insert matching masonry drill bit and drill the holes in the wall. Use the wall plugs to insert into the wall and secure the ledge to the wall Decorate your ledge shelf with framed pictures, art, canvases and ornaments.