Coffee Table

DIY Coffee table

time, materials and tools

Router and round-over bit
Orbital sander with 120 grit sandpaper disc
Paintbrush, mini sponge roller and tray

1 x COL Timbers Flat-Pack Coffee Table
Wood stain and white PVA paint
Clear sealer (Exterior use)
Masking tape
White spray paint with built-in primer
Note: COL coffee tables comes with the hardware needed for assembly. Our new flat-pack coffee tables are easy to assemble
and customise.
PREP WORK befor your start making your Coffee Table
How to build your DIY Coffee Table
Step 1
DIY Coffee table
Router the edges
Router the edges of the tabletop to give them a rounder shape.
Step 2 :
DIY Coffee table
Lightly sand down the tabletop surface, and wipe off excess sawdust.
Step 3 :
DIY Coffee table
Stain and paint
Lay out your project on a drop sheet and decide which sections you want to stain, and which sections you want to paint in a colour. For this project, three coats of natural wood stain were applied to all sections, including the legs and tabletop, for a rich finish. The slatted pine shelf of the coffee table is easier to spray paint, so a white spray paint (with a built-in primer) was used to cover the surface of the shelf. Two coats where applied, and sealed later with clear exterior sealer.
Step 4
DIY Coffee table
Use masking tape, a mini sponge roller and a stencil of your choice, create a border on the stained table top. Make sure you load the paint on the roller then roll off the excess on a piece of board – to prevent too much being applied, and to eliminate bleeding through the stencil.
Step 5
DIY Coffee table
Following the instructions included with your COL Timbers Flat-Pack Coffee Table, attach the legs and slatted shelf with the screws and Allen key supplied.