Improve your home with the COL Ready-To-Assemble Workbench

Listen, we love a good DIY – but sometimes you simply don’t have the time or the tools to really do it all yourself. That’s where Col’s ready-to-assemble workbench comes in. This super versatile piece is smoothly sanded and ready for you to put together and personalise to your taste.

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How Can It Serve in My Home?

This multi-use workbench is available in 5 different sizes to accommodate your space!

Whether you’d want to whitewash, varnish, paint or leave it looking fresh, the COL workbench can wear many different hats in your home. Here’s how:

A kitchen island
This is the perfect solution for renters, or if you’re just not ready to commit to something permanent and likely a whole lot more expensive. The COL workbench works perfectly as a kitchen island. Use the shelving to stack fresh produce, wine, cutlery and more. Add some wicker baskets to store things out of sight in a neat and stylish way. Add castors for mobility!

A bathroom counter
This is a perfect project to take your bathroom to the next level. Wood is incredibly versatile and you can tweak it to accommodate any space. The workbench is the perfect height to for a sink, store towels and bathroom necessities on the racks and personalize to your taste. There are different sizing options available to best suit the size of your bathroom.

Let’s keep the ideas flowing

  • You can use this workbench as a DIY workspace in your garage. Add wheel castors to the bottom of the legs for mobility. The racks are great to store your products and tools.
  • Get your DIY on and turn it into a dresser by adding some drawers, doors or baskets on the racks. This is a simple, stylish storage solution.
  • Remove the middle rack for a bar-style dining table and stack bar stools on both sides.
  • DIY it into a changing-table in your nursery.The COL workbench is the perfect height and can be used to beautifully store all your necessities.

How Do I Assemble It? Want to know how to assemble it?

or follow these steps:

  • Grab a workbench DIY flat pack in a national hardware retailer near you – ask for COL.
  • >Flip the countertop on it’s head to assemble the workbench upside down
  • Slide the 2x pieces of pine wood provided into the indented groove on the workbench counter top.
  • Position the workbench legs to the corners of the counter top with the metal studs facing inwards.
  • Fasten them with the allankey and the allankey screws in the kit.
  • Attach the racks with the screws and allankey (there are predrilled holes for guidance). Remember to face them the right way up 😉
  • Use the rest of the screws to secure the workbench in the marked, predrilled holes on the 2x pieces of pine wood provided.
  • Varnish, paint, or leave it as it is. Voila!
  • You don’t need anything extra, we’ve included it all!

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