Choosing a Colour Palette That Won’t Go Out of Style

Your colour palette can determine the entire atmosphere of your home – no pressure! The problem is, colour trends change all the time, and constantly updating your interior to match the trend is not just time-consuming, but also cost-exhausting.

Let’s face it, you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t mind whether your interior was aesthetically pleasing or not, so what’s the solution? Simple – choose a timeless colour pallette so your interior design will always be in style. Easier said than done – we know. However, our hope is that these classic colour palettes will spark your inspiration…

Timeless Colour Palettes

The trick is to either choose a palette that just can’t go out of fashion, or to go for a neutral base of colours that can be matched with various other trendy colours. Here are some of our favourite classic combinations:

Opt for all neutrals

workbench swartland

Here’s a palette you simply can’t go wrong with. If you don’t necessarily have the desire to add a pop of colour to your home interior, why not forgo it entirely? If done right, we love pure neutral decor!

Instead of playing around with wild colours, explore different textures and contrasts of light and dark neutral shades. Our advice would be to stick to a white base, and then explore a variety of shades of furniture and decor pieces. Whether it’s cream, brown, grey – there’s much to discover.

Dark and light

workbench swartland

Haven’t bought into our previous suggestion? Maybe your taste is more suited towards a colour palette that is timeless, but still contemporary. Charcoal grey and white is a great pair that can go with both shiny finishes and painted metals, and clean natural woods.

To create more contrast between colours and still ensure the space is light and airy, we would advise making use of various shades of beige along with the greys and whites.

Navy and neutrals

workbench swartland

Navy alongside shades of warm brown is an easy colour combination. With blue being known as a soothing colour, navy is the most ageless choice. Paired with both light and dark warm browns, this colour complements beautifully.

This is a stunning colour scheme on its own, but is also a great base for pops of bright colours, our favourite being bright white and yellow.

Bring the outdoors indoors

workbench swartland

Still not singing your tune? Okay, hear us out – how about bringing the outside inside? The hues of nature can never go out of fashion, and we just love how great this colour palette works for interior design.

Stick to a white foundation and incorporate brown, whether you use rustic darker tones, or a bright oak colour – either will complement this colour combination. Then pick a shade of green (brighter greens can work beautifully, but aren’t necessarily as timeless as a forest, more olive shade of green).

An ocean atmosphere

workbench swartland

Lastly, we’ve seen this colour scheme in style for many years, and will likely see it for many more. For a soft, fresh atmosphere that reminds you of the ocean, we would highly recommend pairing a silvery grey with a sea blue. This palette is bright and airy and neutral enough to stay in style.

If you’re feeling adventurous, get yourself some teal-coloured scatter cushions or throw. This ads a fun pop of colour that can be easily swapped out for other decor if you grow tired of it.

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