5 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Interior Door

A door, is a door, is a door – right? Wrong!

There are so many factors to consider when choosing an interior door while building a home. Doors are a surefire way to make big style updates, but they need to be practical while keeping longevity in mind – whether this applies to style or durability.

Let’s take a look at some key components you should consider before making your choice.


Think About: The Look And Feel


Interior Doors


Doors are not like wallpaper or furniture you can swap out and change as quickly as the trend evolves. They’re a more long-term style update. Doors are like the white button shirt, or the little black dress of your home. Even though they’re a classic, timeless piece, they can still be on trend and embody your personal taste.

When we say that “looks matter” in this case, it really means that even if something works well with your personal style, you need to consider that the next buyer will need to resonate with the finishes of their potential new home.

Consider the following style rules:

  • Does it match the interior and exterior style of the home: If you have an ultra modem, sleek home, choose something that captures that specific style.
  • Is it neutral enough for possible tenants or future buyers: You might just love having the big five carved out in your living-room door, but it might be the first thing potential buyers replace. In our opinion, if you plan on reselling in the near future or renting out your property, stay away from anything that isn’t neutral.
  • Colour: If wood is the way to go, try to keep synergy across the home by choosing doors of the same type of wood.


Think About: Moisture and Sun Exposure


Door protection


Any home is exposed to wear and tear over time. Your location plays a vital role in the type of materials you use when building a home. Unfortunately, no matter how high the quality of timber, regular exposure to the sun’s UV rays is likely to crack the door at some point. Prolonged sun exposure can also turn your timber brittle, there are ways to protect your wood, but if you deal with harsh sun conditions in some rooms it might be in your best interest to choose something with less maintenance.

Alternatively, the same applies to water. Have you ever seen a wooden shower door? Of course not. Wood and too much moisture generally don’t mix very well.  If left untreated, this may cause the wood to rot and mold to form. When choosing a wooden interior door, consider the upkeep and protect it with the necessary treatment.


Think about: Your Budget


Door budget


We all want nice things – however those nice things can really drive up the overall cost of your home renovation or building project. When choosing your interior doors it is incredibly important to factor in the expense and make your calculations before setting your heart on something specific. There are always alternatives available that could suit your pocket without you having to compromise on quality or taste. You just need to be open to something different.

Think about: The Supplier

Suppliers being late, unreliable, overpriced or just difficult to work with can be extremely frustrating for reasons that we don’t even need explanation. If you’re building a property and your deadlines are delayed it has a significant ripple effect in every aspect. Make sure you choose a supplier with a trustworthy reputation and that is known for quality to limit unnecessary frustrations.

Cheaper is not always a cost saver. Having to replace doors every now and again is not only costly but avoidable when partnering with the right supplier.

Think Swartland

Swartland has a wide range of windows and doors to choose from for your next project. After more than 70 years of building trust, you can rest assured that Swartland’s products are superior quality: We are confident you’ll find something that works for you.