3 Stunning Design Styles to Suit Aluminium Doors

Aluminium doors are well-suited to a variety of interior design styles. They effortlessly provide a clean, modern aesthetic that frames and complements a living space without taking away from the overall look and feel.

If you’re wondering whether aluminium doors will work with the interior design ideas you have in mind for your next renovation, you’ll be glad to know that they suit more styles than you may have previously thought…

Here are a few design styles that work well with aluminium doors

Urban Modern

You certainly can’t go wrong with a fully modern interior design. Aluminium doors are the perfect match for contemporary, minimalist homes that show off natural elements, neutral colours and natural textures.

They work well in spaces that feature lots of concrete, marble, stone and real wood. They’re ideal in homes that aim to bring the outside in; homes that embrace natural light, ventilation and vegetation for a seamless integration between outdoors and indoors.

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Vintage Chic

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Aluminium doors don’t only suit modern spaces, but work just as well with aesthetics of ages past. Thanks to their versatility and availability in a variety of shades and styles, aluminium doors can work really well with your more decorative, stylised interior designs.

Whether you opt for plush, playful accessories, over the top colours and patterns, or even carved vintage furniture, aluminium doors provide that much-needed simplicity to balance it all out.

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Mix and Match

The combination of traditional and modern has always inspired designers and home decorators over the decades. No matter how often the times and trends change, we always seem to find our way back to a classic harmony between old school and new school.

The timeless look of aluminium doors makes them an ideal backdrop for combination design styles. Together with more traditional features like decorative skirtings or statement period furniture, aluminium doors can help create striking spaces that give you freedom to play with colours, patterns, shapes and textures.

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If you have a home renovation happening soon, choosing aluminium doors could be the best design choice you make. Not only are they durable, low maintenance and eco-friendly, but they also last a lifetime.

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