2023 Interior Design Trends To Watch

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They say that change is as good as a holiday – so if a home make-over is on your mind, this is your sign to make some major style updates to your home. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest must-have looks for your home in 2023!

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Have You Heard The Phrase “Wellness-design”?

In 2022 we had a big focus on wellbeing and wellness. Understandably, since the world went through a pandemic and we all needed a break.
Make your home a place where you feel like you can catch your breath!

You can achieve this look by doing the following:

  • Invite light into your home: The more natural light, the better! Scientific research shows that exposure to sunlight is thought to increase the brain’s release of a hormone called serotonin. Who doesn’t love giving your brain a good natural shot of feel-good hormones?
  • Keep the colours natural and light: You might have seen the popular neutral colour palette trend, well, it’s seemingly not going anywhere and we’re glad it’s sticking around! Add some plants for a pop of colour without disrupting the look and feel.
  • You can let the light in with Kenzo: We have stunning windows and doors to invite the outdoors in.
Swartland Interiors

The Encore of Black and White

You might have seen this, but many developments are using a mix of marble, black and white for an elegant, but striking look in kitchens and bathrooms. Think black aluminium shower doors, black aluminium windows and gorgeous matte-black faucets against shiny white marble.

This monochrome dream can extend to every part of your home, but starting with these two rooms would be ideal. If you’d like to kick off your renovation, we have a wide range of products available for easy installation.

Swartland Interiors

Art Deco is on The Rise

This style might not be as obvious as the above trends, but we see it making a comeback as the minimalist look fades. Maybe this trend won’t peak in 2023, but she’s definitely got her foot in the door! We’re seeing a revived interest in more decorative styles. In contrast to the extreme minimalist, we don’t suspect ‘absolute maximism’ back on the table just yet, but revisiting the styles of the past is a great way to start. Adding elements of this to your home is a easy first step. Bright colours, patterns, feature walls, unique light fixtures and more! When you start seeing more of this around, remember, you heard it here first!

Swartland Interiors

Curves, Curves, Curves!

When we hear curves, we think arcs, rounded shapes, crescent sofas and more. These curvy, ultra trendy designs have been making their rounds in the form of tulip and egg chairs, circular rugs and more over the past few years. Now, in 2023 architects and designers are taking it to the next level! You can expect oblong shapes, mushroom light fixtures, cabinets and more looking extra curvy in the future! We think this ties in beautifully with the wellness trend.

Remember, Quality Never Goes Out of Style.

No matter which trend you choose in 2023, remember that oblong mirrors or a single vase on a table for a minimalist look, might go out of style. However, quality, elegant doors and more never will. Swartland has many classic but stylish products to make sure that your home is the perfect canvas to add your personal stamp on.