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Kenzo aluminium windows and doors, made by Swartland, are the first choice of architects, contractors and householders. There are good reasons for that: Kenzo is strong and lightweight, need little maintenance and offer optimum durability, energy-efficiency and affordability.

Crucially, they’re made to the same exacting standards as Swartland’s hardwood windows and doors, so customers can expect manufacturing excellence, lasting quality and value.

Kenzo aluminum also offers options for a so-called green envelope that cuts the cost of heating and cooling your home or office. It’s available in standard or customized sizes, and Swartland has a team of in-house architects to advise on specifications and design.

Swartland’s team operates nationally to advise construction professionals on all aspects of using the product, from placing an order to installation on-site. Kenzo also offers after-sales service and a three-year product guarantee.

John Lamb, Category Manager for Kenzo at Swartland says, “The range includes top-hung windows, horizontal sliding windows, doors and sliding-doors, fold-aside doors and shower-doors, as well as aluminium entrance-doors, which are proving especially popular.”

Aesthetic appeal is a major aspect of this, he adds: “A good-looking front door is essential for the first impression of your home. It speaks volumes about what lies beyond, so it’s important to select one that compliments your home’s architectural and interior style.
“While you might assume that aluminium doors tend toward contemporary styling, doors in the Kenzo range are available in styles that complement modern and traditional architectural design. They can be used in diverse roles, including front doors, balcony doors, office doors and even internal doors. They can also be customised with toplights (glass panels at the top) or sidelights (glass on the sides).”

But your choice should not only be about aesthetics. Functionality has a role and here too, Kenzo is the obvious choice, as Lamb explains:

    • Strength: Aluminium, a composite material, is strong, yet lightweight, so an aluminium front door can feature larger glazing elements to admit maximum light, without compromising on strength. These doors are more robust than those made from other materials, providing greater security. All Swartland products are SANS 613 certified.
    • Durability: Aluminium won’t contract or expand, so your front door won’t warp or crack, no matter the climate. Aluminium is also naturally resistant to corrosion, ideal for coastal areas.
    • Ease of maintenance: Aluminium doors and windows need minimum maintenance, saving you time and money over the long term. They have a durable and aesthetically pleasing powder-coated finish, available in silver, bronze, charcoal or white powder-coating. To maintain the finish, simply wipe down the frame with a damp cloth occasionally: no sanding or painting, ever.
    • Ease of installation: Kenzo’s wet-lug system offer a major advantage for contractors, a boon for contractors working to a tight deadline.
    • Affordability: Aluminium doors are comparatively inexpensive, largely due to the wide availability of the material, and the fact that it’s easily recycled.
    • Comfort: There’s a global shift in the built environment towards intelligent buildings, designed to control indoor comfort levels through the use of passive methods which reduce energy consumption, saves money and reduces the impact of human settlement on the environment. Kenzo gives customers the option of double glazing their doors and windows. This maintains an appropriate indoor climate by controlling the transfer of heat between the building’s interior and exterior.

Daneel says, “Insulation is the easiest, most economical way to reduce energy consumption for heating and cooling a new or existing building. Improve its insulation before investing in air-conditioning units, heaters, or even in green sources of energy, such as solar panels or solar water-heating.”

Lamb says, “While the Kenzo brand was established in 2014, Swartland has manufactured wooden windows and doors since 1951, and carries its ethos of ‘Experience quality’ through to its diversification into manufacturing aluminum as well. It’s what the building industry has come to expect from Swartland.”