Nivesh Suradinia
Business Development Co-ordinator: Site

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From humble beginnings, Swartland has grown into a multifaceted building supplies manufacturer. We offer the following:

Three wooden window and door ranges – Cape Culture, Winsters and Kayo.

Kenzo aluminium doors and windows

Hydro garage doors and digi-automation.

Summit XPS insulation boards and cornices, manufactured locally.

The well-known COL brand, which includes PAR timber, manufactured pine products and two moulding ranges.

With distribution centres across the country, our fleet of trucks is able to deliver to hardware retail chains around South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa. Yet, despite the company’s enormous growth and diversification, what hasn’t changed are our traditional values of hard work and pride in our craft, our commitment to our people and our community, and our unwavering obsession with quality and delivering a quality experience.