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Frequently asked questions

Who is swartland?

  • What does ‘open in’, ‘open out’ mean?

    'open-in, open-out' pertains to our doors and door frames. simply 'open-in' means you wish the door to open inwards into your living or working space and 'open-out' means you wish the door to open outwards from your living or working space. Please ensure you stipulate the correct door and door frame code for your desired application and is applicable to door frames, Pivot door-in-frame units.

  • What is a ‘composite gasket’?

    A composite gasket is designed to increase the insulation and energy efficiency of fenestration products, namely windows and doors. Composite gaskets have a low memory, which means that they return to their original shape to keep out dust, rain and insects. These are fitted as standard to Cape Culture and Winsters windows and door products.

  • Where do I use safety glass?

    Due to safety regulations, in accordance with SANS 10137 Code of practice: the installation of Glazing in Buildings. Typical safety glazing aaterials are: Toughened Glass and Laminated glass, conforming to SANS 1263. Toughened glass can only be used in overhead glazing, when having all round edge support. Safety glass is used in door/entrance doors and door frames throughout, in cottage pane doors/entrance doors and door frames throughout and patio doors up to 2100mm from FFL.

  • How do I prevent dry rot on installation?

    We go to great lengths to seal our products thoroughly. Even though Maxicare contains anti-fungal agents, to prevent dry rot, please ensure you adhere to the installation guidelines, found on our packaging and in our 'Builders section' of our catalogues. For more information download our range of catalogues for more information.

  • Where can I buy a Swartland product?

    Swartland products are available through all leading retailers and merchants countrywide. If the retail or merchant does not stock the fold-a-side or sliding door of your choice, it can be ordered from our national warehouses situated countrywide.

  • Are there trained professionals who can help me on site?

    Yes we have trained Site representatives who are able to go out on site and assist in measuring the building cavities and providing solutions. Depending on the area’s we have Area representatives trained to deal with any situation and are available nationally.